Who am I?

My name is Hugo, 23 years old Frenchman from Ile Tudy, Bretagne. I am passionated about traveling since my 18, when I experienced my first road-trip. From then on, I travel throughout Europe by train, car, boat and hitchhiking! That's my thing. This keen interest to discover the unknown led me to choose Sweden as a destination for the last year (2010-2011) of my Bachelor in Management from Brest Business School as an exchange student.

After a great year of studying, socializing and traveling, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Linnéuniversitet, Växjö, Sweden. Afterwards I went back to France for the summer, where I was an intern for 2 months, which validated my French Bachelor in Management.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. - Saint Augustin 

Sweden. I discovered a great country with a lifestyle that really pleases me. The scenery is gorgeous, the quality of life is the finest and the folks are honest and nice! Graduated with two bachelors, I started a Master of Science in Business Administration from Linköpings Universitet. My program called Strategy and Management in International Organization (SMIO) lasts two years (2011-2013). However, as I wrote earlier, traveling is my thing. That's why I took the opportunity to get out of Linköping for one semester (Autumn 2012) and study as an Erasmus student at Ghent University in Belgium.

Initially, this blog was dedicated to my friends and relatives in France as I had already some experience with blogging. Now, I have more international readers and that's why I switched to English blogposts when I left to Ghent, as I was already writing an English blog for the uni. Anyway, here is my random life as a dynamic, social and adventurer student! You'll find some stuff I would like to share and keep track on as my travels, encounters, thoughts, experiences et cætera.


PS: more details on my CV.