Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Polaroid Story - Elisabeth Ouni @ A&Gallery

A&Galleryfounded in March 2011 in Ghent, Belgium stands for Angels & Ghosts. Over the past year, this art gallery exhibited the work of Moby, Sophie Van der Perre, Frederik Buyckx, Jessica Yatrofsky, Storm Thorgerson, Athos Burez and Angels & Ghosts (the black & white portrait series of the owners: Wouter Van Vaerenbergh and Ben Van Alboom). 

Pharrell Williams
From October 11th 'till 27th, Elisabeth Ouni was exhibiting her work there: A Polaroid Story. She is a Belgian model/Polaroid photographer. She basically travels around taking polaroids of her favorite artists...most of them being hip-hop artists! 

“It’s about chasing instant moments in time – a journey I embarked on a few years ago out of my love for music first, my love for Polaroid second and a healthy dose of curiosity for the music industry. Behind every Polaroid there is a story – sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious. With every story I try to explain to my readers why I love this artist, producer or personality so much. And if I’m lucky enough, the story is topped off with a pretty Polaroid. This exhibition is the next chapter of the journey I want to take. You might call it The Bigger Picture. I will put as much love in it as in my stories. I hope you will too.”
- Elisabeth Ouni 

Terry Richardson and his mum

On the last day of the exhibition, I visited A&Gallery and I really loved A Polaroid Story. Elisabeth Ouni makes it very clear that she is not a journalist, photographer or groupie, but her thrill merely comes from being a fan who is able to capture private moments with her favorite celebrities. Since Polaroid instant film and cameras have been defunct for more than 3 years now, this makes her photo series even more precious. When she is not chasing down one of her favorite emcees, she uses her skills learned as a former model to build her blossoming business Ouni Inc., where her various roles includes photographer, art director, producer and videographer. Check out Elisabeth's last updates on her blog or facebook ;) 

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