Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is the end

A lot happened during the last 2-3 weeks. Long story short: I graduated, I visited Stockholm and its archipelago and I celebrated Midsummer. That's how this long article is divided :)

Graduation Ceremonies
Happy graduate!
That is it. I graduated with a Master of Science in Business Administration from the SMIO program of Linköping University.

June 12th was The Day. My parents and Caro came for the graduation ceremonies.
Yes! There were two celebrations.

In the afternoon, LiU's rector Helen Dannetun offered a congratulations letter to more than 200 International Master graduates, during the official Farewell Ceremony at Kårallen. It was fun to get up on stage with the whole SMIO program. As we are the biggest master program, there wasn't actually enough space for everyone!

Before and after the 2h-long ceremony, we had the chance to mingle with friends, graduates-colleagues and their relatives. The sun was shinning hard! The alcohol-free champagne saved us from dehydration...

Around 17.30 we moved from Kårallen to Vallfarten for the more intimate Diploma Ceremony of the SMIO program. There, more relatives, friends and professors join me and my classmates for a joyful evening.

The new "senior SMIO" generation.
SMIO 2011-2013
First, we mingled around non-alcoholic ciders and snacks outside, as the weather was really appropriate. Then, we gathered in a large amphitheater-style classroom for another 2h-long ceremony.

Jörgen Ljung and Marie Bengtsson (SMIO Program Directors, respectively for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013) gave a speech about their experience with us and what happened during these 2 years. 

Marie nominated some of us for the "Outstanding Student" and "Best Thesis" awards. Eventually, Andy got both of them for his dedicated work in classes and the thesis-work with Anne!

Then we received a SMIO Diploma stating that we successfully completed the Master Program (yet, the official diploma will be delivered after the summer). I could see smiles all over the place. Pride in my colleagues' eyes, holding their piece of paper... and maybe even more in their friends and relatives sitting in front of them. Again, C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S !!
Eventually, Nicole and me had the privilege to hold the student speech this year.

The evening continued with a buffet-dinner with all families and professors. It was a nice moment together! We also all got the SMIO sweaters—which I designed—as a gift!

When night falls, a few of us young graduates, celebrated at my place for one last drink before departure. Some had to get up early the next day, to start their journey back home.
Sad feelings.

Once I got the diploma, holidays could begin. I spent a few days in Stockholm with my family and Caro. We walked around a lot. I showed them some nice places, we discovered others. We also rented bikes and we cycled in-and-out the center for some hours. We also took a boat for 3h until Grinda and Vaxholm in Stockholms Skärgåd for 3 days. It felt good to get out of Linköping and not think about the university for once!

Some photos are worth more than words...

ABBA museet, Stockholm

Grinda, Stockholm's Archipelago

Paradise — Niki de St Phalle
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Thai Restaurant 'Koh Phangan', Stockholm

Trosa, Swedish Countryside

Vigårda Barbeque, Stockholm
Grinda, Stockholm's Archipelago

Grinda, Stockholm's Archipelago

Vaxholm, Stockholm's Archipelago

Vaxholm, Stockholm's Archipelago
Grinda, Stockholm's Archipelago

Johannes Kyrkogård, Stockholm

Grinda, Stockholm's Archipelago

Barely back home in Linköping and it was already time for Midsummer celebration. Midsommar 2013 was my first time! A Swedish friend booked a stuga in Nyköping's Archipelago for the week end. With international friends from my time in Växjö, Sweden, we celebrated midsummer following the tradition. We built a Maypole and dance around it (see video below), we made flower-crowns for girls, we ate köttbullar, herrings, potato-salad and lots of strawberries. We played outdoor-games, swam in the Baltic, and we drunk akvavit. It was perfect. Full of love and friendliness!

Future plans?
I am currently in Lund for the summer. I start an internship in social-media marketing in an entrepreneurial start-up.
Yet, I will try to go back to Brittany, France for a few days. I have to see my friends back there!


PS: Today, June 29th and 3 weeks after the public defense, I got my Master Thesis grade: A
Which makes me a graduate with an average grade of... A :)

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