Saturday, October 20, 2012

BIRDY NAM NAM - Live in Brussels

Birdy Nam Nam
Friday night is the best day to go out. Even more as I'm talking about going out of town, heading to Brussels for a concert! Festival des libertés is an anti-crisis event composed of debates, concerts, theatre, films and exhibitions, taking place in Brussels National Theatre. For 10 autumn days, it mobilises all forms of expression in order to offer an overview of the state of rights and freedoms around the world, to point out lurking dangers, to bring people together in a fun, relaxing atmosphere, to encourage resistance and to promote solidarity.

« Festival des Libertés 2012 will invite citizens to view the multiple crises not just as paralyzing and blinding catastrophes, but also as opportunities to refine our critiques and to become aware of how our economic, political, social and cultural systems are running out of steam, opening up the field of possibilities for other ways of seeing, doing and articulating liberty, solidarity and equality. It's an invitation to take the risk of novelty, complexity and uncertainty in order to escape the dead ends, the tensions and the denials. »
Impressive light show!
I know Birdy Nam Nam since a few years. DJ band among others from the French electronic music scene I care about: Air, C2C, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Vitalic, David Guetta, Breakbot, Wax Tailor, Chinese Man, Brodinski, DJ Mehdi, Beat Torrent, etc. Composed of four great talentuous French dudes DJ Pone, DJ Need, DJ Little Mike and DJ Crazy-B; they are quite famous as they won the DMC world DJ championships in 2002. They also won a Victoire de la Musique in 2010 (beating David Guetta). This last summer, the very famous DJ Skrillex released a remix of Goin' In, which made Birdy Nam Nam even more popular worldwide. That's why yesterday was a great opportunity to see them again. I bought my tickets with some friends and we decided to spend the night over in Brussels...

The concert was great! Deep music. A unique mix of jazz, hip-hop, groove, rock and techno. The light show was emphasizing every drop in the song. We really enjoyed it, and the rest of the crowd as well, the theatre was boiling from the inside! The walls were trembling even more when Lil'mike said "You like that? You want more? We'll continue and smash your heads!".

And so they did.

1h30 of intense live music, I loved it.

After that, we enjoyed the photography exhibition Congo in Limbo of Cedric Gerbehaye, whose photos were hanging on the walls while the Wax Dolls were playing.

All in all, this night turned out really well!

PS: for our Spanish friends, check out my friend Cristina's blog and her video:

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