Saturday, October 6, 2012

Business Administration courses at UGent

Yes, that's my schedule. It shouldn't change so much from now on, as the deadline to change my courses was 2 days ago. From my initial Learning Agreement, I only changed one course: Market Research Methods became Business to Business Marketing; and I also have the Dutch class. All the classes started, some sounded very interesting, others not... 

The UGent Rector, alias me.

Marketing Communication (6 ECTS credits) - Based on the book Marketing Communications (written by the teacher), the course is evaluated on group-work / case studies (50%) and on a final exam (50%). We will talk about integrated communications, branding, communication models, the instruments of marketing communication and the measurement of marketing communications effectiveness.

Analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (6 ECTS credits) - Representing the last part of the supply chain (contact with final customers), this course introduces us to the analytical tools to carry out projects in CRM. These tools are part of the analytical software SAS, which we will be evaluated on (twice). I'm a novice with SAS, so I'm still struggling a lot with it! 

Financing High-Tech Entrepreneurial Companies (4 ECTS credits) - Understanding, analyzing and making financial decisions in entrepreneurial, unquoted companies. Given the large information asymmetries, uncertainty and potential agency problems, traditional financing methods are often inappropriate. The class is based on the book Financing Entrepreneurial Companies (written by the teacher) and 80% of the grade is on the final exam, while the remaining 20% are given on a case study.

Managing Service Organizations (4 ECTS credits) - We'll learn how to perform an in-depth analysis of a service organisation in terms of strategic as well as operational management issues: it is important to acquire a good feeling of the specificity of service delivery processes. Based on the book Services Management (written by the teacher), there is a final exam (60% of the final grade) and a business game called ServiceSim (40%) which is a business simulation where we'll have to take strategic/operational decisions in group over two months. Finally, each of us has to make a case study report, only once:

Innovation and Technology Management (4 ECTS credits) - Based on the book Strategic Management of Technological Innovations, this course tries to integrate different views into one concept in which innovation is represented as a strategic process. The course deals with three different components: the industrial dynamics of innovation; the strategic choices which have to be made by organisations in this environment and the implementation of these choices. We'll be evaluated in a final exam (50%) and by group on case studies and class discussions (50%).

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing (6 ECTS credits) - Based on the book Business Market Management, the course is organized around three core business market processes: understanding, creating, and delivering value. More specifically, we'll learn about: market segmentation, customer value management, building customer value models, understanding customer firms, constructing flexible market offerings, pricing, business channel management, and E-business. Divided in groups of 6 students, we'll have to report on 3 case studies (30% of final grade). Of course, there'll be a final exam (70% of the grade) as usual!

These courses are either part of the Master in Business Engineering or the Master in Business Economics. All in all, this should give me 30 ECTS credits (+ 4 with the Dutch course) at the end of the semester! From my Swedish Master program, there are quite some organizational changes, mostly due to the fact that at UGent, all the courses are taking place over the whole semester, whereas I had one course after another at Linköping University. But I'll get used to it I guess :)

PS to my French friends in Brittany: the first crêpes session took place! 
We cooked about 3 kilos for the International Dinner of ESN, everything was gone quite quickly :p

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