Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A grey day on the Belgian coast: Nieuwpoort seaside

Because of a day-long seminar on Human Resource Management in a hotel in Nieuwpoort, I had a chance to discover a bit the Belgian coast. Eventually, there's not much to say! I mean, have you ever heard of the Belgian beaches? Me neither. Only Belgian citizens enjoy the summer season there...

The Flemish coast is rather small (65km long) and counts 13 resorts: Nieuwpoort is one of them. However, its marina called Eurojachthaven can host 2,000 boats which makes it one of the biggest in Northern Europe! It's also "famous" since the WWI where the Yser river was used as an obstacle against the German army.

Nieuwpoort-Bad: Beach & pier.
I took a walk on the empty beach. There was a fog and a light wind, but no rain. A weather like Brittany, France :) But the landscape wasn't as good as my home region! There was an endless line of residential buildings all over the coast. Ugly concrete bar! I went to talk to some fishermen on the pier...

Nieuwpoort-Bad: Beach & residential buildings.
They weren't successful. Just a passion for them. A 2h window of fresh air, a few days a week. Indeed, the boats and professional fishermen with nets take everything out of the sea. The only things left are the mussels to pick up at low tide.

Nieuwpoort-Bad: Entrance of the marina.
I don't think Nieuwpoort is a must-see on a visit to Belgium. But how can I say that after a short walk on the beach? A solution would be to visit Ostend or Knokke, and make a pit-stop in Nieuwpoort in between! These two other cities are way bigger ;)

So yes, 

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they're from my phone. 

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