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Last Days of the Arctic - CINÉ ONU

Photographer for the Iceland's biggest newspaper since 1976 and published in the National Geographic, LIFE, the Times, Le Figaro, etc. Ragnar Axelsson (RAX) has traveled the Arctic long enough to contribute with his best shots to an award-winning documentary: Last Days of the Arctic.

© Ragnar Axelsson
Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend an event organized by CINÉ-ONU, an initiative from the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) which offers free screenings of engaging films to raise awareness and involve us, European citizens in debates with UN or government officials and concerned personalities. The only thing to comply with, is sending an email to book a seat at the Goethe Institute in Brussels.
« The hunters of the North are a dying breed. »
Last Days of the Arctic
More than 200 photographs over the last three decades are combined in the documentary. Mainly composed with black and white images, the film tells a story: the everyday life of the local people living in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Most importantly, the aim is to focus on climate change and its impacts for the inhabitants.

The film is embedded in passion and respect for the hunter communities and their culture. Portraits and landscapes brought together intend to give the viewer an insight perspective on the life up-there.

To say the least: I loved it. Stunningly beautiful, yet sorrowful when I think of the forgotten population of the far North. No wonders why RAX won so many awards (for his photographs and more recently with the movie itself).

- How long are they going to survive?                  .
- What are the respective governments' positions?.
- What is RAX involvement with the locals?       .

The screening was followed by a Q&A with RAX, Damien Degeorges (Arctic policy expert) and Lida Skifte Lennert (Director of Greenland Representation in Brussels).

Guess what!? You can watch the movie and make up your mind. Then, why not buy the related photography book (if available)?

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