Sunday, April 14, 2013

Master Thesis (3)

I know, I know: time flies. It's been a month since my last thesis update and again, a lot has changed. For better or worse? I believe that it will turn out better!

Free time? Playing around with the SMIO program's logo...

Initially, we intended to study the automotive industry. More precisely, they hybrid bus: it is a really complex and innovative product, targeting a niche market and making use of very new sounded like the perfect product to focus on regarding our project: 


After promising contacts in Germany, we had to give up our intentions. Indeed, we have a deadline by the end of April, so we had to collect data as early as possible...and this organization was taking its time and it did not seem like we were going to interview them before 2014!

As a matter of fact, we are now most likely to use secondary data (a raw transcript of a meeting) from another industry: electrical powerplants. More specifically, an organization is developing a new steam turbine. So we stay into complicated engineering stuff :) Obviously, our chapter I (intro) and chapter II (methodology) had to be changed for the most of it...and we go on with chapter IV (empirics) and chapter V (analysis)! Quite challenging!

Since a few weeks, we know the official deadlines
- to hand-in the final version of the thesis: May 27th;
- the seminars will take place for 3 days from: June 3rd;
- the Farewell Ceremony (graduation day) will be on: June 12th.

...and then I'll sleep for a month!

More seriously, I look forward another break into our schedule (8.00 - 17.30 daily). Easter was too short! Hopefully, I have some friends coming soon and then my parents will come for a week in june before mid-summer. I guess it will be weird to not 'have to work' after these intense weeks...I gotta find something else to do by then!

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