Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hallo Gent

Here I am. Backpack closed and train tickets printed. Ready to go. I'm leaving tomorrow for Ghent, Belgium. In the mean time, I checked things out on Universiteit Gent and I also received some general information about it.

Rijksuniversiteit Gent (State University of Ghent in Dutch) is one of the larger Flemish universities, with 32.000 students and 7.100 staff members. It was established in 1817 and French was the academic language until 1930 when it became the first Dutch-speaking university in Belgium. In 1991, the university was granted major autonomy and changed its name to Universiteit Gent.

Ghent University consists of 11 faculties - Arts and Philosophy; Law; Sciences; Medicine and Health Sciences; Engineering and Architecture; Economics and Business Administration; Veterinary Medicine; Psychology and Educational Sciences; Bio-science Engineering; Pharmaceutical Sciences; & Political and Social Sciences - , composed of more than 130 departments. In 2012, 143 new exchange students are going to study at my faculty, while 74 go abroad. Finally, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), ranked Ghent University at the 1st position in Belgium only, and at the 89th spot worldwide (whereas Linköping University is 8-11th in Sweden and 301-400th worldwide!).

That's all I can say for now. But I'm really looking forward the Welcome Days (and the following week) organized by ESN (Erasmus Student Network). I hope to get a full taste of Belgian's delights: wafle, beer, chocolate and fries! Maybe there'll be another Chocolate tasting fair soon at the uni! :)

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