Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet transition

It's been two weeks since the semester started again, back in Sweden. My classmates welcomed the first year students in Linköping with a bunch of events as barbecues, sightseeing tours, get-together-parties and so on; thanks to Kristina and the rest of her team of SMIO Big Brothers and Sisters (follow their blog here)

Unfortunately, I didn't get back to Sweden and I actually don't plan to within the next 2 months. Instead, when my friends were enjoying the student fair Kallas downtown Linköping, I was visiting friends in Berlin, Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Angers. I decided to take it (really) easy for a few more weeks!

As I didn't take part in the summer Dutch course in Ghent University, my Erasmus semester officially starts on September 21th, with two kick-off days. Moreover, I got a student room in a corridor of the university! That was good news as it seems super hard to find an accommodation there. Now that I just bought  my bus tickets, I'm all set for my stay in Belgium! 

A new experience is soon to begin: one Erasmus semester in Ghent University!

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