Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hogeschool Gent - Faculty of Public and Business Administration

Even though I already selected my courses and the modification period was over; my request to change one more course has be accepted. I decided to quit the class on Analytical Customer Relationship Management. Instead, I enrolled at Hogeschool Gent a partnered university of UGent.

Founded in 1995 when 14 institutions merged together, Hogeschool Gent is now the largest University College Institution (kinda Business School) in Flanders, Belgium. There are 18.000 students divided in eight faculties. The faculty of Public and Business Administration provides one of the five English-taught Master programmes at Hogeschool, the International Management Programme (IMP). 

My schedule (updated)
Part of the IMP, the course I follow is Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM). It takes place once a week (Tuesday morning) and is worth 6 ECTS credits. That's why I still keep a total of 34 ECTS credits for my Erasmus semester. The course shifts from operational HRM to strategic HRM by looking at it through a four dimensions framework:
- Instrumental dimension: rules, procedures, work systems, administration, paperwork
- People dimension: motivation, working conditions, leadership, internal communication
- Strategic dimension: strategy, goals and objectives, measurement, added value
- Organizational dimension: structure and culture, organizational design, organizational development

We're quite a number of students in the classroom, but most of them are Belgian and I didn't meet so much Erasmus. Sometime in November, I'll come back on this class because of a 1 day-seminar in Nieuwpoort on the Belgium coast, at the Hotel Cosmopolite.

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