Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Student Opening of Ghent University

Yesterday, the UGent Communication department organized the Student Opening of Ghent University at the student house De Therminal. They invited all students of UGent for this free event, so I went along with some Erasmus friends.

UGent rector: Paul Van Cauwenberge
We waited 45mn outside with a lot of other students (mostly Belgian), but it was worth the champagne we received at the entrance. The evening started with speeches from, among others, rector Paul Van Cauwenberge and Ghent mayor Daniel Termont, unfortunately, everything was held in Dutch. So I didn't get anything of what was going on. Instead, I was looking for the sexy girls with the food trays! The usual tasty snacks and small portions served at formal receptions.

Stand-up comedian: Koen Dewulf

The other good thing was the free drinks: six beers and one cocktail for each of us. Of course, everybody was suit up, there was a nice work on the lights and students staff were handling the evening. That's when the stand-up comedian Koen Dewulf started his Dutch. When I asked him about an English version, he said that it was very Flemish jokes so it won't be funny anymore. Well, I still gave some hypocrite applause with the rest of the room!

Acoustic band: Trio Bluf
Around 23 p.m. it was time for the acoustic cover band Trio Bluf to start playing. It actually turned the evening into a real party! The three guys were motivating the crowd by moving among us the whole time! This gave enough incentive to the bartender for some bottle jugglery (see video below)! Later on, we left the reception and we continued the party elsewhere, let's say, less formal.
                   Kasim from Bartenders on the road.

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