Monday, February 4, 2013

Back in Sweden!

For New Year's Eve, when I drove back to Belgium from my Xmas holidays in France with friends, I already had the idea of this road trip to Sweden a month later... We left Brussels Wednesday night, driving towards Travemünde, Germany, where we shove off on the ferry to Trelleborg, Sweden. One day in Lund later, I continued until Linköping (with a pit stop in Växjöbringing back nice memories!). Hopefully the weather sweetened in time to leave me out of troubles (yet -5°C at dawn, no winter tires).

7h drive — 8h ferry — 6h drive
I moved in my old apartment but with two new flatmates: an master student from Germany and an erasmus student from Spain. Being back in Sweden feels great! It made me realized a few stuff I missed when I was away:
  • the nature and landscapes — forest and lakes all around, red wooden houses and moose-crossing signs...
  • the silence!
  • the darkness at night — even more in the current winter season.
  • the white snow — not the typical dirty-grey snow from city centers.
  • not understanding all the Swedish —I'm glad I skip the gossips from my bus-neighbors. 
  • the burger buns from MAX.
  • Spotify.
  • the campus — big libraries, study rooms, cafés, the Internet broadband, etc.
  • the usual hint of cinnamon smell (and the kanelbullar).
  • the fresh and pure outdoor air.
  • köttbullar — although once in a while is enough!
  • the colorful sky at sunset in winter.
  • cycling on special paths.
  • Linköping, a human-sized town with all the advantages of a big city :)
Hitting the road...

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