Monday, February 4, 2013

Master Thesis (1)

Still unpacking the car, the master thesis reality caught me back. It's about time to speed up!

My thesis partner is Mario K., my German study mate since the beginning of the program. We know well each other, as well as our thesis supervisor, Marie Bengtsson, as she taught us Leadership & Organization and Strategic Human Resource Management. Precisely, we intend to study knowledge integration in innovative firms from the city bus industry, developing diesel-electric hybrid powertrain solutions.

Today, we had a poster presentation with all SMIO generations. The 19 thesis groups of SMIO'12 presenting their projects (the more detailed and extended presentation, the more feedback/recommendations received to improve) and the SMIO'13 poped by to ask us questions, as we did last year with the SMIO'11.

It was nice to finally see what everybody has been working on over the last month, and how far it actually got them. Mario and me received constructive feedback that'll help us narrow down our project from the two possible topics we had in mind: 

  1. "Knowledge integration in the light of the exploration/exploitation dilemma in innovative firms".
  2. "Knowledge integration to build sustained competitive advantage in innovative firms".

We aim to design a case study with triangulation methods: semi-structured interviews with managers and engineers from an innovative organization, a semi-structured interview with an industry expert and secondary-data analysis of corporate materials and press releases from inside/outside the organization.

That's it for now!

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