Saturday, February 16, 2013

P-Floyd concert @ Arenabolaget

A weird thing about Sweden is that there are many good bands, but not so much concerts! At least in Linköping. But there are still some events to go to...

Arenabolaget, the biggest event planner in Linköping area (50 people work there), organizes about 180 public events in Konsert & Kongress and Cloetta Center. They have conferences, fairs, lunches, business meetings and concerts, which 500.000 people attend to.

The Konsert & Kongress concert hall has more than 1.500 seats and even a bar-restaurant. The Cloetta Center is even bigger with 11.500 seats. That's why it hosts ice-hockey games!

Among the 6 tribute bands to Pink Floyd in Sweden, P-Floyd is the most successful one. I'm going to their concert tonight in the Konsert & Kongress! Formed in 1993 in Falun (3h North of Stockholm), they gave lots of concerts there. The last four years, the band was touring in Sweden with their own version of 'The Wall'. The 7 musicians recorded 2 live albums. 
      The band's founder Jan Stumsner got the idea for the name when he saw a parking sign. Later, they ordered their own sign with a white "P" on a blue background, and below this the yellow additional plate "FLOYD" in font "floydian" (same font as on the cover of The Wall).                    Wikipedia
I read a lot of positive reviews for their shows so I'm really looking forward tonight. I'm finally going to see some live music!

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